ENCIRCLE End Conference

The Encircle project is coming to an end, and we have joined forces with Philippe Quevauviller and his Ceris initiative to provide our virtual end conference. Encircle has been a four-year project to strengthen the European industry and help create the tools and strategies needed to consolidate the EU CBRN communities of suppliers and practitioners in order to strengthen the field of CBRN safety, security, and defense in the European Union. We have achieved a lot in the last four years, not least of all acting as midwife to help birth a number of Part B projects! More information on the project can be found in this video.  


On the 19th of May we will be hosting a virtual conference using the Engagez platform. This platform allows us to show a range of presentations, provide live Q&A, a dynamic exhibition and also a mass of useful resources on Encircle and some of the other funded projects. The presentations are going to be a whistlestop tour through some of the leading CBRN endeavors and include: Horizon Europe, Encircle, ENotice, Holozcan, Nest, Cosmic, Terrific, EU-Sense, EU-Radion, Sersing, Fire-In, Including, Melody, No-Fear, and Bullseye. If you are a CBRN responder or a member of a CBRN science or academic institution, this is a great opportunity to get a snapshot of some of the research that is being undertaken to make your response, or discipline, better. If you are a member of an EC project or part of the COE community, then this is a fantastic chance to be able to engage with the other projects, explain what you do and foster closer links. The Engagez platform can manage chats, emails and live video calls/meetings through the system, so this should be a mutual dissemination experience!


The event is free to attend. All you need to do is email Zoe.rutherford@cbrneworld.net and she will register you. You'll then get an automatic email from the system explaining what to do next, and then on the 19th go over to the URL provided, enter your log-in details and password, and Voila! Attendance is limited, so please email early to avoid disappointment. We will be emailing the program out to all delegates in the coming weeks.


There are also limited opportunities for you to exhibit if you are a member of a CBRN consortium or part of the Encircle Dynamic Catalogue. Interested parties should email james.ross@cbrneworld.net and he will provide all the information you need. There is no cost to exhibit

Virtual Meeting