Lightning inhibition for protection of urban soft targets and critical infrastructure against lightning strikes


The inhibitor lightning rod aims to provide infrastructure and urban areas protection against lightning strikes.

About the project

Telecommunication towers are common targets for lightning strike damage. Overtime this damage has caused significant downtime over the years. Protecting these communication towers should be a necessity.  

The project aims to eradicate the problems of telecom tower owners from lightning strikes and it consequences by means of a primary protection element. This hinders the creation of conditions that produce a lightning strike. Ensuring the beam is not repelled elsewhere the lightning rod deionises the environment therefore inhibiting the formation of a beam. With the rising number of incidents caused by lightning strikes reported to insurance companies it is clear that affected people and companies are targets to acquire a Barrier Lightning Rod.


The project has investigated the primary European target markets for the new BARRIER lightning protection product and investigated wider global markets. Further steps have been taken to protect the patented technology. Technical improvements were defined and further analysis is needed to define conclusions.

Implementation journey

Feedback from customers and key stakeholders has confirmed that the Barrier lighning rod has potential for offering premium protection compared to current solutions on the market. The Telecom Towers sector has identified a massive demand. The price point of the product has shown to offer value for money compared to the competition.

By testing the lightning rod’s durability as well as making modifications to its design in order to be more weather resistant the project continues to pursue market readiness for Barrier.