Enhancing synergies for disaster prevention in the European Union


The ESPREssO project works towards risk reduction science and innovation plans at European level.

About the project

To achieve their goal of creating a new method for approaching natural risk reduction and climate change adaption, the ESPREssO project is built upon three main challenges:

  1. To propose new ways to create a more coherent national and European approach on disaster risk reduction, resilience strengthening and climate change adaption.
  2. To enhance risk management capabilities by bridging the gap between science and legal issues in 6 EU countries at local and national level.
  3. To address the issue of efficient management of trans-boundary crises.


Activities on the three ESPREssO challenges are to be performed in work packages. The first three work packages are dedicated to the collection of information including stakeholder needs, the development of hazard specific scenarios and the existing knowledge of legal, policy and science approach at EU level.

The final two work packages involve the analysis of information and the preparation of proposals.

Implementation journey

During the course of the project, ESPREssO will work to identify solutions, create vision papers and guidelines and host a final meeting.


The final products from the ESPREssO project will provide guidelines on risk management capability and a vision paper on future research strategies in order to better define research priorities.

A full set of deliverables and project results can be found on the ESPREssO website.