Pandemic Risk and Emergency Management


The PANDEM project identifies innovative concepts to strengthen capacity building for pandemic risk and emergency management in the EU.

About the project

PANDEM contributes to the reduction in the health, socio-economic and security consequences of future pandemics. It works to identify improvements for technologies, procedures and systems at regional, national, EU and global level.

The aims of the project include:

  • Assessing current practice, systems and tools for pandemic management at national, EU and global in all priority areas. These include risk assessment and surveillance, communication and public information, governance and legal frameworks.
  • Identify gaps and improvement needs through consultation with users and stakeholders.
  • Identify and describe solutions for capacity strengthening, efficiency of resources and integration.
  • Demonstrate concepts and future research and development needs to be incorporated in a roadmap for the future phase of the project.


The project bought together a highly skilled group of experts from a number of fields including health, security, communications and defence to develop concepts for pandemic management.

The consortium worked to identify best practice, user needs and research priorities in areas of risk assessment surveillance, communication and governance. They also mapped stakeholders and end users responsible for managing the functions in pandemic management. This included a wide range of policy-makers.

Consortium partners are engaging in networking activities with users and stakeholders. They place an emphasis on awareness raising, dissemination and use of knowledge generated by the project.


A full list of dissemination materials created by the PANDEM project can be found here.

To find out more about information about PANDEM please visit the project website.