Name Theme Summary
Theme1-Maureen Wood-1-1 MAHB intro v180227.pdf Maureen Wood Major Accident Hazards Bureau Download
Theme1-Maureen WOOD-2-3 MAHB-ECHO project v180227.pdf ECHO-JRC Project: Seveso Capacity Building in EU Neighbourhood Countries Download
Theme1-Maureen WOOD-4-2 MAHB lessons learned v180227.pdf Theme1-Maureen WOOD-4-2 MAHB lessons learned Download
Theme1-Olivier SALVI-1-3 SAF€RA v 060318.pdf Download
Theme1-Paul LOGAN-2-1 HSE safety and security legislation.pdf Major accident hazard regulation & security Download
Theme1-Paul LOGAN-3-3 HSE impacts as drivers.pdf Socio-economic impacts and commercial benefits as driver for progress:economic case for safety on high hazard sites Download
Theme1-Pehr TEULINGS-3-2 Dutch Tank Storage Assoc.pdf A New Resource for Benchmarking Terminal Safety Performance Download
Theme1-Peter GATTINESI-1-2 ERNCIP v180226.pdf European Reference Network for critical infrastructure protection Download
Theme1-Svetlana STIRBU-4-3 Presentation evaluation DDP March 2018 (f).pdf Project for improving hazard and crisis management in and between Moldova, Ukraine and Romania Download
Theme1-Zsuzsanna GYENES-3-1 IChemE Safety Centre v180222.pdf IChemE Safety Centre Download